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Coaches Corner August 2023

Build - Continuing with our little bit of Olympic lifting this block. We will change up the complex at about halfway though, thus allowing for a couple exposures before doing something new. If you are newer to the lifting movements, stay light and focus on a couple cues given by the coach or movement patterns from the warm up. New lifters should really not worry about how much weight they can lift, and instead pay attention on how they are lifting it. More experienced folks can push the weight a little more, but the same advice is valid, move better first and add load second. The Bench Press is a staple upper body strength movement, not the end all be all by any means, but is a valuable tool in the tool box. We are doing some Cluster Sets this time around. The goal with this style of lifting, is to be able to lift a little bit heavier then if you were just doing straight sets. Because there is a brief respite in-between each rep, it allows your system to recover (Not fully, but more then if you did not) between each rep. Build in weight over the next course of weeks if possible. We are dong some single leg variations of bending and pressing. Some explosive moments paired up with some isometrics and balancing out all the various planes of pushing and pulling over the week.

Build + Grind - Not for time! Quality over quantity. EMOM’s are a great way to get a lot of work done without wasting time. Because the clock is running, you can use your time very efficiently while still getting plenty of rest between sets and also acquiring a slight aerobic benefit from keeping your heart rate elevated (And a great pump!). This should not be confused as true aerobic training, but there is a little carryover for sure. And because each muscle group has time to recover between sets, you can still move a heavy enough load to stress the system. Know what you are working, and work toward making a mind muscle connection to enhance your movement mechanics and the stimulus for growth.

Build + Sustain - Playing around with a new variation of going anaerobic and then working for recovery. For this to work, you need to go at an actual effort of something that feels like you might not pull out of it…Then, when the all to short rest period comes to an end, and you shift to nasal breathing and movement, learn to work though the uncomfortable state, and find a flow pace that allows for work to get done without the added expense of excessive waste build up. Go hard, adapt, and learn to recover while moving.

Grind - One day on the longer end of the Grind spectrum. Aerobic Threshold. There are a lot of moving parts here, but things that are repeatable are aerobic. That does not mean easy, and it should not be. Do your best to put yourself in a situation that you can measure your effort as you progress through. If it is multiple rounds, try to make each round repeatable, if it is a chipper style, keep reps and rest periods consistent. Fatigue will build and typically there is a point of no return, but we want that to come within the last minute or minutes of the workout, not the first quarter.

Sustain - Longer repeatable efforts. Good sustain sessions have a variety of movement patterns and loading options. For the most part, there should not be one thing that forces the collapse of the unit, unless for some specific training reason. These efforts should be approached in a manner that focuses on consistent movement and breathing. Some exercises may demand more grit, and some may be easier and be a place that you can recover. Learning yourself and where you need to push and were you can coast is all part of the life long journey of a successful movement practice. Real movement, hard work. You need to lift heavy things, carry heavy things, lift light things fast and carry light things over distance. You need to get your heart rate up weekly if not daily, and you need to keep your heart rate up for extended periods of time while mixing in as much variation and experimentation as possible into said routines.

Keep in mid that injuries happen, and there is no amount of preparation that can save you from that inevitability, sometimes it is out of your control, but sometimes they can be avoided or at least minimized by good preparation over time. When stress exceeds tolerance, you are playing with fire. But, build your tolerance with consistent and diligent conscientious effort, and you can withstand more heat.

Cool Downs - Core and Stretching.


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