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2023 Targhee Athletics Nutrition Challenge Winners!

And that's a wrap! The 6-week Nutrition Challenge has come to a close and there are some incredible results to show off!

We totaled the results we got from people that submitted the post-nutrition challenge form and here is the total weight and cm lost with Targhee Athletics:

Total weight lost: 303.54 lbs!

Down a total of 25.7% in body fat percentage from Dexa scans.

Total cm lost: 147.63 cm!

Pretty neat!

We hope you all learned some valuable information and put some good tools in your toolbox that you can use moving forward.

Great work to everyone!

1st Place: Christian Hanley!

Down 22.8 lbs, and 3.1% body fat percent, and lost a total of 15cm!!

Dexa Scan Winner: Jo Gathercole!

Lost 2 lbs of fat and GAINED 6 lbs of MUSCLE!! Not to mention all of this being done at age 68! Way to go Jo, incredible!

Honorable Mention: Colleen Schooley

Down 7.7lbs, 2.7% body fat, and 13cm

Pete Kelly

Down 9lbs, 3.3% body fat, and 23.36cm lost

Amazing results from the 2023 Nutrition Challenge!

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