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2022 Targhee Athletics Nutrition Challenge Winners!

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

And that's a wrap! The 6-week Nutrition Challenge has come to a close and there are some incredible results to show off!

We totaled the results we got from people that submitted the post nutrition challenge form and here is the total weight and cm lost with Targhee Athletics:

Total weight lost: 203.58 lbs!

Total cm lost: 301.88cm!

Pretty neat!

We hope you all learned some valuable information and put some good tools in your toolbox that you can use moving forward.

Great work to everyone!

1st Place: Karl Petrow

Down 30.6lbs!

Lost a total of 37.3cm!

2nd Place: Jackie Brown

Down 12.3lbs!

Lost a total of 13.18cm!

3rd Place: Jim Berkenfield

Down 21.5lbs!

Lost a total of 11.12cm!

Way to go Jim!

Honorable Mentions:

Terri Nelson

Down 10lbs!

Lost a total of 11.12cm!

Tim Kent

Down 7.9lbs!

Lost a total of 11.46cm!

Linsay Alexander

Down 3bs!

Lost a total of 18.78cm!

Melissa Raynor

Down 21.5lbs!

Lost a total of 10+cm!

Abbey Howard

Down 10lbs!

Lost a total of 5.5cm!

Stephanie Walters

Down 5.7lbs!

Lost a total of 12cm!

Anonymous before and after photos from the 2022 Nutrition Challenge:

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