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2022 Nutrition Challenge Interview: Linsay Alexander

Linsay Alexander was one of the Honorable Mentions in the 2022 Nutrition Challenge with Targhee Athletics. Despite only losing 3lbs, Linsay lost a total of 18.78cm! Linsay was a great example of how building muscle changes body composition. Here is what Linsay had to say about the challenge!


2022 Nutrition Challenge

Honorable Mention

Name: Linsay Alexander

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a mom, artist, art teacher, adventure lover. I have lived in the Tetons since 2010 (with a few years away in there). I grew up out east, but gravitate to the mountains due to the big open expanses to explore and inspire. I love my family and friends, and our sweet community.

Why did you decide to enter the 2022 Nutrition Challenge?

I started my fitness journey at Targhee Athletics at the end of September, (first time joining a gym!) and have enjoyed the challenges, improvements and advances to both my athleticism and my mind. I wanted to push myself further through positive nutritional choices, and hold myself accountable. It sounded like fun!

What did you enjoy most about the challenge?

Learning about how macros intake can change my body composition, and pushing myself to kick some butt after just having to rest for two plus weeks with a gnarly sprained ankle.

What was the hardest part about the challenge?

Not eating pizza when my whole fam was - it is hard to plan a separate meal when you’re super tired after a big day of art teacherin’.

So, run us through a typical day. What did you eat? What did you do?

(Not totally in order): Intermittent fast from 8pm-11:30am, try to sleep 7.5-8 hrs, work out early, drink 16oz of delicious coffee, drink water, view morning sunshine, eat a salad for lunch with some proteins and a fruit, make art with kids, go outside, come home and hang with the fam, make a healthy dinner with vegetables and protein and some carbs. On the weekends I skied, played outside. I used MyFitnessPal and my Garmin watch daily to track food and exercise.

What was the #1 takeaway from this challenge?

I feel awesome when I eat well and stay active! It is also a big challenge for me to intake a lot of protein… I love my vegetables.

What changes have you noticed, besides the physical ones?

My level of general anxiety has gone down with daily exercise, and my mind and body feel more balanced. I sleep better also!

So, do you have any final words? About the 2022 Nutrition Challenge, or anything else?

I am grateful for the Targhee Athletics community and coaches in my life!

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