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February Coaches Corner 2020

We are half way through our nutrition challenge, hopefully everyone that is participating is getting something out it. That something is surely going to be different for each individual. But hopefully that something is valuable. And it is something that can be a useful tool on your own personal journey toward being a better human. Sometimes the effort you exert is not immediately rewarded, and sometimes the effort you so preciously partitioned is not about you. Maybe it is seen, and immolated by those around you. The hard part about this dynamic nature that exists around and within us, is that self destruction and a purposeful life are separated by a knifes edge. Sure it may not be always seem so easily defined, but I would pose the question: In what way are you so sure it is not? Are you one hundred percent happy with the last 2 hours of your life? 8hrs? 24hrs etc? That you could walk away saying…”I have done all I ever could, and the people around me are better for my existing”. Stand up and be a pillar for those who need a light to guide the way.

We are doing some interval weight training this cycle. It is being called HIT FBB, which stands for high intensity functional bodybuilding. We wanted to call it something that was so hardcore sounding that even if you did not actually come and do the session, you would get a bump in testosterone just by saying it out loud. It just means we are mixing some heavy weight training with some pretty intense cardio. Think hypertrophy total body lifting with heavy breathing conditioning. The best of both worlds. We are stepping away from all the unstable light weight, standing on one leg BS, to really pound some iron and smash some rowing intervals. February will be dedicated to Slayer and all things Death Metal. Just kidding, if you cant work out to Taylor Swift, you should ask yourself; “Are you are really leading an enlightened life”? Aerobic day is likely here to stay, in general, one thing most exercise research agrees upon, is that longevity in life and training should incorporate a good amount of work done in Zone 2 (conversation pace). This zone can change for each individual over time as fitness is fluid. These days are a great supplement to the other aerobic work you get outside, and the more intense days we do in the gym. They should not be neglected. We have one day of the more traditional layout. And one new session we are trying out, called interval flow. Think of a yoga flow, but with kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells…kind of. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below…:)

Post Wods are for strengthening the midline this block. Front body, side body and back body…ALL of IT.


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