• Dayne Toney

2020 Friday Night Lights!

2020 Intramural Spring Fling!

The Intramural Spring Fling is fast approaching! Even though the official CrossFit Open is no longer during this time of year, we are going to have our own Targhee Athletics Intramural Open! The format will be similar to last year for those that participated in 2019. This is an event at Targhee Athletics that EVERYONE can participate in. Come on out and use your fitness "under the lights."

What is it?

What is the Intramural Spring Fling? Every Friday night for three weeks, Targhee Athletics will host a workout challenge, everyone that signs up for the "Intramural Spring Fling" will have the opportunity to participate.

Every Friday we will have heats running from about 4 - 7pm in the evening. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come and cheer everyone on. It is a TON of fun, and there is more energy in the gym than you will ever believe!

And, YES!! We are still doing TEAMS! Each team will earn points for participation and team spirit (yes the costumes are coming back!)! There will also be a ton of fun challenges and ways to earn points for your team through a variety of fun activities during the 3 weeks.

What are you competing for? Bragging rights and a team BBQ by Targhee Athletics!

What's new this year?

The name...since the official CrossFit Open now happens in the fall we are going to call this the Intramural Spring Fling!

It's only going to be 3 weeks long this year.

It won't be associated with the actual CrossFit open.

Who/How To Participate: