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August Coaches Corner 2019

August has us looking at a new cycle of training. As an overview we are leaving off the Aerobic day, and switching it out with a more capacity focused day. It will still be on the longer side, but we will also not be doing a strength piece on this day, so we can fit in ALL the conditioning. We will be doing a couple movements that have not been in the rotation for a while, the Overhead squat and Pendlay rows. Also a couple new accessory exercises, the Shinbox goblet RDL, Rotational step down, and the High to low chop. The first has an emphasis on hip mobility and strength through a very short and controlled hinge pattern, the next is a longer but just as demanding rotational movement demanding control through the hip using a squat pattern, and lastly the high to low chop is a rotational core exercise. We want to fight rotation, we want to embrace and train rotation, controlled and at speed, we want to build strength in the frontal and sagittal plane….we want it all, and over time, we shall have it.

We are doing one longer conditioning day each week, multiple workouts with short built in rest between sets. Yes this is programmed with intent, yes it is thought out over a bigger picture, yes it is difficult, and yes we will meet you where you are, and scale it "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” (KM). “That is all I have to say about that” (BG). Other WODS of note for the next block will include one SMMF (single mode mind fuck) per week popularized by Mark Twight, these types of workouts really give you a chance to dig deep and really push into the less visited areas of your limitless mental reservoir. We have one shorter and more intense interval day, and one classic “rounds for time” day. The program and exercise selection through the week are picked and written to help modulate fatigue, and enhance the growth of each individual that has committed to journey of living a life of fitness.

The last bit of class is for Post Wod. We carry heavy things, use foam rollers, sit in the bottom of a squat, and hang from bars etc. It is also a perfect way to cool down after just doing other hard things, so if you (Sometimes it is on us!!) have the time, it is very useful to spend the remaining time in class doing those things that help you recover.


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