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July Coaches Corner 2019

Summer is here!! Here to stay! We are mixing it up a little during the month of July, much like the weather, a little bit of the old, mixed with a little bit of the new. How do we decide what is the best route for training? Well the truth is that nobody knows truly what is best. I would wager that you do not even know what is best for you, it is entirely possible, that you have not always made the best decisions regarding your own health, safety or future. We continually fall for quick fixes, look for short cuts and are unwilling to sacrifice the present for the future. The bottom line is, the thing that benefits you and those around you today, tomorrow and in the future, and will do consistently, is the best thing for you. The thing you do consistently with focus, with intention, will mold a better version of who you where before. Because who you are now is not good enough, no one is ever so perfect that improvement is unnecessary. “You are perfect the way you are”, this is one of the most idiotic, best meaning phrases out there!! I say that no one is perfect the way they are, and could use a good long look in the mirror… and REALLY look, no masks, no delusional self talk, see your actions, your attitude, through others eyes…….still no room for improvement? So make some changes, commit to constantly reevaluating where you are. Are you putting forth your best effort? Are you implementing what you are learning or already know? Or are you just going through the motions, sliding slowly toward a shallow grave that you where to lazy to dig deep enough……On that inspirational note, lets talk about some of the upcoming movements that will leave everyone of all temperaments and ailments plenty of room for improvement.

We are doing quite a bit of semi single limb compound exercises this block. I am not sure exactly why they are named as they are, but they are called “B stance” exercises. The foot position is very important, as it shifts the majority of the bodies mass, and external load onto the forward side of the body. It is a great way to load a single limb compound movement. We got some glute work coming your way, as well, and a little complex I like to call “boulders for shoulders”. As always with our Strength program, we strive to hit as many planes of motion in as many ways as possible. Upper and lower body, pushing, pulling, carrying and dragging as we can each cycle, and those that we can’t make work, will likely show up in the next one. So if you feel cheated, and don't get to come in and show off how much you can bench press…..don’t worry ladies, it will come back around soon enough.

With our conditioning, we work toward building throughout all the different energy systems. This is no easy feat, nor is it rocket science. Pretty vague huh? Yes and no, we need to lift heavy for time, we need to sprint, we need to move slowly and for quality, we need to be able to march our disease ridden caucuses over distance, all the while carrying a giant chip (load) on our shoulders, for days at a time if need be. And then we need to be able to get up, and do it all over again, day after day. We are soft in all the wrong places and shatter like frozen tears upon the open Tundra when adversity strikes. So to help alleviate the pressure of trying to prepare for the outlined scenario above, we have taken it upon ourselves to cover all your bases, and program the condition to take the stress out of getting fit. That way you can spend it on more useful areas, like wether to watch HULU or Netflix.

We are always trying to keep fitness fun and interesting, and playing with the boundaries that a one hour window allows. There are not many instances that require more then one hour spent in the gym, unless maybe your sport is the GYM!! Get in, get strong, get out, learn something new and apply it daily.


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