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June Coaches Corner 2019

Twice a week we have been doing a different style session. It is a heavy strength movement, immediately followed by a sprint. There are many benefits to doing this type of workout, known as the Litvinov protocol. Fat loss, it’s a high-intensity exercise routine in which you work at 100 percent effort, so you will be using a lot of energy (and burning fat) by doing it. Time, It's fast and efficient. Complete your lift (which should take you 30 seconds or so), run for 60-90 seconds and then rest for 2-3 minutes. The maximum amount of time you will spend on the workout is 20 minutes to a half hour. Power, If you don't know about the benefits of weightlifting and its impact on an athlete's speed and power, you really should. Doing 3-5 heavy sets of a full body lift on a regular basis will increase your power and speed, even without incorporating the sprint afterward. There's a clear contrast between the two exercises. The lifting part requires a lot of force and is performed at medium to low speed, whereas the sprinting requires much less force but is done at maximum speed. For those of you in the know, this is a well-established form of training called contrast training which is used to develop speed and power. Another of our weekly training sessions is focused on quality of movement using challenging gymnastic based exercises. One aerobic day, and one amazingly brutal, but short, repetitive work capacity day. All these things are programmed out to provide the maximum bang for your buck, give the correct stimulus, and push for the desired adaptation, which of course is to become a more formidable human being.

We are also still doing other hard heavy things, including carries, mobility and core.


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