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May Coaches Corner 2019

May is going to be awesome. It is going to be warm and sunny the whole time, all the trees and flowers will bloom, the mountains will shed there heavy blankets and the days will be long and unhurried. It will be fantastic.

The next training cycle will be no different. It will be the most joyous and precious of times, remember your journey and embrace the reflections that pass through, some are better then others, but all are the fabrication of our own doing, so if you don’t like spending time with yourself, make some changes. You don't need to wait till Monday, or next month, changes come from hundreds, and thousands of small choices, made on a daily basis. Time and effort, falling and getting up, it all matters. It will always be greater then you, but you can always be greater then you think. Every rep counts, the good and the bad, what do you want to build? A structure supported by short cuts and lies? Or a fortress that bows for no master, that can stand before the oncoming storm and wade untethered into the depths of hell, slaying the dragon and returning triumphant!!!.…metaphorically speaking of course. You hit what you aim for, so if you don’t aim properly or aim at something of value, you aren't going to HIT anything of value!! Make the necessary changes now, and reap the benefits in the future, stay the same or continue down the path of least resistance and nothing will change, it will always be somebody else fault, it will always be a little to hard and out of reach, or not quite the way you thought it should be. It will always be just something you could never do anything about anyway.

We are working on many things in the gym this month. Grip strength is at the top of the list. Lots of great new innovative ways to improve all things grip related…carrys, fat bars, and pinches. Lots of fun to be had moving things from one place to another. We have a couple contralateral strength movements, a new rotational core exercise, and of course some staple functional strength movements like front squats and close grip bench press to continue total body balance, top to bottom. Bat wings are on the agenda, a great exercise to really focus on mid to upper back strength.

Wod’s are coming….

Every week we do conditioning, and every week there is more conditioning. It seems like it never ends….That’s right, it never ends. We are doing one CrossFit Hero wod per week, one aerobic wod per week, one moderately paced (quality over quantity) amrap per week, and one fast paced interval wod per week. And of course some sort of carrying wod per week, including some running.

Post wod’s are primarily focused on some hip mobility/strength to help provide some armor for the upcoming running season.


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