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April Coaches Corner 2019

Soon it will be sunny and warm and we will be running outside. Until then we will continue to grind away inside the gym, day in and day out like it is our only pathway to salvation. Every day comes with a price, and that ticket needs to be payed. Come hell or high-water, the check needs to be cashed and the battle needs to be fought. Victory is the only solution, the only way to the otherside.

The next four weeks is taking on a slightly different format. We will have one day per week of just conditioning, this we are calling our “work capacity” day. There are two days that have no specific strength piece, but have the strength built in with the conditioning….this we are calling “strength endurance”. We have one day that is only heavy lifting, with no conditioning involved, this is our “heavy day”, and lastly we still have one day a week dedicated to the pursuit of aerobic bliss. And of course we are doing it with our mouths shut. The purpose of this next block is to get outside of our typical program design, explore some new variations in movement, and give ample time to holds and carries. Holds, Carries and heavy ass weight…good times. There is never enough time to get to all the good stuff at once, so that is why we cycle in and out of programming blocks. Not all training protocols go well together, so we need to plan accordingly and use the tools that compliment each other as best we can. Anterior endurance and shoulder girdle stability, posterior endurance and core stability. Lifting big weights one day and nose breathing thorough contralateral core base movements the next…these are just a few of my favorite things.

Core stiffness and vestibular awareness. This block has some planks, head nods and twists. These are to improve and maintain the function of the vestibular system, and part of your transportation shell. Also to help improve the musculature of the neck. Slow and focused movements that follow the tracking of the eyes, so yes, look first and the body follows. We will be using some of these variations for the next couple weeks. Strengthening the neck is very important, I am not saying we need to be able neck curl your body weight or anything, (how sick would that be though) but that a stronger neck with a full range of motion is vastly superior to a weak neck with limited range of motion. Head up shoulders back, stand tall, etc…..You can only move as fast as you can intake and process information, and you can’t react quickly if your antenna is not securely attached to your meat vehicle.


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