2019 Intramural Open Week 4 Challenge & Theme

Week 4 Challenge: Why I go to Targhee Athletics!

This week’s challenge is yet another three part challenge!

This challenge is worth up to 3 points per person per team. There are 3 tasks you will complete and upload to your social media by Sunday at 6:30 pm.

1 point: Write down on a piece of paper: Why you go to Targhee Athletics. "I go to Targhee Athletics because….. and take a photo of it.

1 point: Photo/video of you performing your FAVORITE movement from Targhee Athletics. This can be taken anywhere- in the gym, at home, etc.

1 point: Video of you saying how Targhee Athletics has impacted your life. This could be an achievement you never thought you’d be able to attain, increased confidence, sticking with a fitness routine for the first time in your life, etc.

Post these on your social media and make sure to tag @targheeathletics #whyigototargheeathletics #teamname #targheeathletics.

Week 4’s Theme: Team Choice!

This week we are letting your team choose your theme out of the options below. You and your team must all be the same theme!
  • Cowboys & cowgirls

  • Gangsters

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Rainbows, unicorns, and glitter

  • Rock N Roll

  • Beach party

  • Favorite movie

  • Olympics

  • Pirates

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