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March Coaches Corner 2019

The Open is here, and boy is it fun!! Every Friday our CrossFit classes will be programmed with whatever is released on the previous night, and of course we are doing the Open in the evening with everyone that signed up to participate in Friday Night Lights. As we enter the next four weeks, knowing that Fridays are for pushing yourself through new levels of mental and physical challenges, every Thursday will be programmed for “quality, not quantity”.

The Strength focus for the next couple weeks is to continue to stay durable and build a little more volume in our rep ranges on our main movements. Still always working toward balance by not neglecting the advantages gained by including singe limb movements combined with the increased load capacity of the two limb and compound strength lifts. We will be dropping back into a typical format to get us through the Open, with two strength movements performed before regrouping and dropping into the condition work.

A little bit lower intensity throughout the week is warranted, since we know something hot is coming at the end of the week. The duration and selection of movements of course is not known, but we do know that, what ever is released, will be a challenge and we would like to give everyone the opportunity to hit it as fresh as possible. There will be a shorter, intense interval piece early in the week, and longer pacing interval piece later in the week, and as mentioned above an AMRAP geared toward mobility and a focus on quality movements. This is not to say it will not be challenging, but that always having your foot pinned on the accelerator is a good way to burn out, get injured and find yourself back where your journey began and not far down the path like we all would like to be. Fitness is a life long pursuit, filled with many bumps and pitfalls, no doubt. But none of those small trivial things should stop you from wanting to get the best out of the vessel that is your vehicle through life. We want the same for you, so just as you would not hammer our car all day everyday, and expect it to last a lifetime, we respect the need to do maintenance, vary intensity, and above all, armor the vehicle with loads of life saving, head turning lean muscle mass!

This months Post WODS are brought to you by, and are all about getting in some extra accessory work that often gets overlooked in the need to slab on as much cold, hard, awe inspiring, sleeve straining GAINZ as possible. Treat them well, and they will return the favor.


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