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2019 Intramural Open Week 3 Challenge & Theme


This week it's a 3 pointer! You can earn up to three points for your team this week. Each post is 1 point.

1) OHS an odd object (see video below!)

2) Do a pull up or hang from something in the wild AKA outside the gym (for those that can't hang you can get creative here...planks, squats etc.)

3) GET UP! A Turkish get up or go sandbag get up style anything outside of the gym

Post it on your social media (Instagram/Facebook) and tag @targheeathletics, #Hashtag your team name and #TargheeAthletics. Each post is worth 1 point for your team! If you don't have and social platforms get one of your teammates to post it to theirs!

Must complete the challenge before Sunday at 6:30 pm.


Week 2’s Theme: Team Colors!

The Squatting Dead = RED

Cereal Killas = ORANGE

Swole Train = BLACK

Jacked In The Box = GREEN

Snatch Us If You Can = BLUE

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