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2019 Nutrition Challenge

Information For The 2019 Nutrition Challenge:


Important dates:

  • Start date January 14th

  • 10 weeks long, - End date will be March 18th with everything due by the 20th. Winners announced on open finale 3/22!

  • Friday January 11th: Informational meeting and Q&A at the gym 5:00pm

  • Saturday January 12th DEXA Body composition scans. One test is $52 and two tests (before & after) is $89, you will pay DEXA Body directly when you take your body composition test. Click here to reserve your spot!


About the challenge:

  • You will have your own coach! You will do weekly check-ins with your coach and they are there for your support and to help answer questions along the way!!

  • Cost to participate at the gym is $70, sign up online here.

  • Your "toolkit"

  • We encourage and have seen a ton of results (if you follow it!) through the Renaissance Periodization Templates but they are not "required" and you are welcome to choose your own "toolkit" to follow for the challenge.

  • Note: if you have purchased a template in the past you can reuse the same one so long you're weight has not drastically changed since purchasing it.


  • Please use link to purchase your templates!!

  • Also use code 2019targhee20 for 20% off :-)

  • Macrostax is another good option if RP didn’t work for you or would prefer to do something else. Although it’s similar so beware!

  • Or whatever other diet you have been wanting to do! Want to cut out processed foods? Cut out alcohol? Gluten? Keto? You can individualize your Nutrition Challenge based on your goals and what you would like to achieve!

  • This year you will be allotted points for participation!

  • Coming to class

  • Check ins w/ coach

  • Photos are worth up to 50 points - so TAKE GOOD PHOTOS and DO THEM

  • We take it all into consideration so send us as much information as you can: dexa scans, measurements etc!

  • We've got some seriously AWESOME PRIZES for the winners this year including prizes from sponsors: Rise, Yostmark, Forage, Ascent Protein, FitAid, Targhee Athletics and more!


What you need to do to start and participate:

  • Sign up online through Pike13

  • Fill out your registration form

  • Includes all your information, goals, before pictures etc.

  • Decide on your toolkit! RP Template, MacroStax etc.!

  • Get ready! We will have an in\formal Q&A Friday January 11th to answer all your questions!

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