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December Health Challenge

Congrats to Cecilia who won the November Health Challenge!!!

For December, we are going to change focus to protein! Your health challenge for December is to try and consume your body weight in grams of protein in a day. That can be spread out throughout the whole day, and yes your post-workout protein shake counts towards your daily total!!

Example: Bodyweight is 150lbs. Goal is to consume 150 grams of protein per day. Spread into 5 meals that is 30grams/meal.

How to participate:

Enter your scores in SugarWOD! To get to the December health challenge on SugarWOD, change your track by tapping the drop down menu on the main page underneath the photo of the day.

If you get 50% of your protein within a day you get 1 point. If you get the whole 100% allot yourself 2 points! Keep track of your points in SugarWOD to win the December Health challenge and get a super awesome prize at the New Year!!

Some helpful tools to help you keep track of your protein:

  • A food scale (ps. you will want this for the Nutrition Challenge coming up in January!). This is my favorite scale.

  • My Fitness Pal, or any other food tracking apps to help you keep track of your grams of protein.

Our annual gym-wide 90 day nutrition challenge will begin January 14th. Stay tuned for more information!!

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