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November Health Challenge!

Targhee Athletics November Health Challenge:

Eat 800 grams of fruits & veggies everyday, dried fruit & veggies do not count!

Don't have a food scale? We are prepping you all for our annual nutrition challenge that will begin after the New Year! We always recommend getting one!

Prizes will be given to the winners of the challenge!

How to participate:

1) Download the SugarWOD app if you haven't already. Create login and find Targhee Athletics as your gym.

2) Switch to the track "November Nutrition Challenge"

3) Log how many points you get per day! Each color of a fruit/veggie is worth 1 point. The goal is to get at least 5!

4) We will announce the winner(s) of the challenge in the December newsletter! Some sweet prizes are to be won, lets go!

Stay tuned for the December Health Challenge!

Happy Healthy Eating!

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