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Coaches Corner November 2018

Starting a new five week cycle to start the holiday season off. We are returning to our training roots, with a couple new, or rather new to us, workout formats. One of the things that we are trying out is the simple but effective EMOM. EMOM stands for Every Minute on the Minute, it is a great way for us to be able to work in some higher skill CrossFit movements that easily scale to a class full of various athletes. When you are trying to figure out how to attack the EMOM, you should pick a rep scheme that allows you to push your current abilities but not so far that you cannot keep the same numbers for the entire session. The gym based aerobic day is going to stick around, but we will continue to play with the time spent on each activity, wether it is changing every minute or staying on each station for longer periods of time. Leg blasters have made there annual appearance, and have made there presence felt I am sure.

Our Strength movements are back to some basics as well. We are doing a sumo variation for our hinge pattern, front squats for the squat pattern. We are leaving the bench press alone for a little while, but still getting plenty of upper body pressing with the push press, and bar dips. Weighted chin ups for upper body pulling, and some goblet cassock squat to move in a lateral plane and focus on single leg strength.

Post WOD’s are mainly focusing on core strength and stability with a little bit of stretching. Spending some time building volume in the Hollow and Arch shapes.

Happy winter!!


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