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Coaches Clinic

About the coaches clinic:

  • Participant must be willing to be active for entire time while at clinic. This is not to say it will be nonstop activity, but you will be asked to repeat movements over and over throughout the session.

  • Participant must be open to critical feedback of movement and be willing to take measures to perfect technique provided by coaches.

  • The focus of this clinic, is to be able to discuss and correct improper movement patterns in real time with our coaching staff all present. We will be openly discussing the worst and best things about how the participant is moving in front of said participants.

  • We are asking for 4 participants, we will choose the best qualified candidates based on what we feel will present the best learning opportunities for our coaches.

  • This is a fantastic opportunity for a handful of people out of our community of athletes to get free in depth coaching and immediate feedback in real time on the movements that we will cover.

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