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Coaches Corner July 2018

July brings us back to an experiment in our general physical preparedness programming. Two months ago we tried a new format for our CrossFit classes. It was very well received, but more importantly, we saw big improvements across the board in the lifts that we focused on. It is fantastic that not only did our athletes enjoy the sessions, but that they actually saw gains as well. For July, we will follow a similar format. The two main strength training days will stay the same, only substituting new movements, and incorporating running and burpees into the conditioning piece. Mainly so we do not have to use the Air Assault twice in one week. Your welcome. We are continuing with our Aerobic day, and making slight changes to the other two conditioning days. The endurance day (E WOD) will be two long AMRAPs with a long rest period between sessions. And the other will be six to eight shorter sprint efforts (IST WOD) with a moderate rest period between rounds. The long AMRAPs should be approached with the goal of maximizing ones output throughout both efforts, so go out knowing that you have a lot of work to do, and pacing accordingly. The IST WOD should be as fast as possible (AFAP) on each round. For the strength days, it is very beneficial for the athlete to track all weights lifted in the session. So if possible write down the weights lifted, then as the athlete progresses through the week you are trying to increase load across the board, as long as all given sets and reps were achieved with quality technique. These sessions are hard and not for the faint of heart, attack them with eyes wide open.

Improvement and hard work go hand in hand, the dying of daily weakness, transformed into strength happens on a daily basis. In ALL aspects of life. It is easy to apply this in the gym, who will win today? Are you going to let the weakness bleed into your life today? Or are you going to push harder because you know that if you let that feeling have a voice today, then tomorrow it is going to be that much louder? Some days are harder then others, every day is harder then yesterday. Would you really, truly, want it to be easy? I vote no, I have not gotten much out of the EASY path, though I have strolled it often. The easy path has little to teach, and what it does teach, is low hanging fruit. I'll pursue the road less traveled, I'll stumble and fall, and get back up. I'll strive for something that is just out of reach and marred with the scars of the impossible. Deep down I know that the only things that last, that help me as an individual shed off the dead skin and to rise anew like a Phoenix from the ashes, are the things that are challenging and hard, and frustrating, and just plain difficult. I used to think that if I could just get “There” I would be happy, or it would all get easier…but then I was “There” and all I could think is that I was not happy, and it was not easier. It has taken a long time to be aware and introspective enough to want the struggle, for it to be the journey that I am looking for. And the fleeting moment of achievement to be the secondary emotion that comes from the mountain of blood, sweat and tears that preceded it. Like I mentioned above, the daily grind is the mountain before the pinnacle, your life is the mountain before the summit, shed your insecurities and weaknesses on the mountain side as you transcend the old and tired lies, make the ascent your goal and live for the challenge that is inevitably coming your way every day.

On to the next one.


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