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Coaches Corner June 2018

We started June off with a deload week to back off the volume a little bit from the last cycle. For the remaining three weeks, before going full submersion back into the darkness, we will take this time to work up to max lifts in back squat, deadlift and bench press. This first week, we are doing sets of 5 reps, next week sets of 3 reps and the following we will be testing one rep maxes.

We are getting some more variety into our strength lifts, since the last cycle was predominately done with a two limb focus, we are getting our single limb work in with as best we can, varying the direction and degree in which the muscles and joints are stressed.

We are doing one day per week of Olympic lifting practice. Deliberate practice. Be present, learn new things, keep getting better.

The conditioning for the next three weeks will be back to a more traditional CrossFit focus. It is as hard as you make it, which means everyday new day should be the hardest day yet, and it rings true that “The only easy day was yesterday."


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