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Coaches Corner May 2018

There is a lot going on in the next five week cycle that we have programed for this coming month. Before we get into some of the cool ideas that sparked the thought process behind the protocol, I would like to encourage everyone to practice “deliberate practice” through this coming phase of training. Write things down, keep track of weights, follow the coaches instruction on pacing and perceived exertion. Pay attention to the task at hand and stay in the moment. Deal with the discomfort with a positive attitude, and let negative thoughts fall at the wayside. No quitting, no complaining. We are all so blessed to be able to share in this journey together, this is not punishment or torture, it is a challenge to be overcome, an obstacle to vanquish. It is a privilege to be able to come and spend time on self improvement, why would you want to let your mind wander when you have worked so hard to be exactly where you are? Focus, drive forever forward, succeed. Everybody dies, don’t die early.

The format will stay the same from week to week. The days on which each session will fall, vary from week to week. The reason for this is that not everyone can come on a set schedule, week in and week out, so to do the best job for the community as a whole, we change on what days each sessions falls, in a manner that best suits the programmed movements. That way over time, each athlete (assuming some manner of consistency) will reap the benefit of exposure to all programmed work. We have two strength/WOD days per week. These days are designed to get more working sets (+60% of 1RM) with each strength movement, paired with a non eccentric conditioning exercise at high intensity for short duration.

There is a 40min aerobic day once per week. Do not skip this day because “it looks easy” or “I don’t need to be better." This type of session is great for increasing blood flow, getting the heart rate up but not close to the red line. In fact for those of you with HR monitors on, a good place to be on these days is 130-150 bpm. Cyclical aerobic work with some full body movements and core stability.

We are doing two different conditioning pieces this month. They are similar but different. One is more sets at a shorter time domain. And the other……you guessed it, less sets with a longer time domain. The goal of these sessions, besides to make you less of a sissy, is so you can learn to work at awe relatively high effort, for the required time, without redlining and having a decrease in output at the end of each AMRAO. We want consistency, and with consistency comes the true foundation from which you begin building “that which can weather any storm” or something much cooler and fucking awesome.


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