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Coaches Corner December 2017

One down one to go, two I guess if you count New Years as the last obstacle until you are able to reunite with the freedom that routine and discipline provide. Until that day arrives, we should all continue to strive gallantly toward presenting the new year with the best version of ourselves as possible. Enjoy the season, enjoy the food, but don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today, eat, drink, be merry and train. We here at Targhee Athletics will continue to train, through blizzards and high winds, earthquakes and powder days, the lights will always be on...(during business hours). I can not speak for all our coaches here at TA, but I can promise you, that I will never subject any of my classes to one of the most unsavory horrors that accompany the holiday season...Christmas music. Unless it’s the Bad Religion Christmas album, it will not be played, no exceptions. I will not be party to the trauma that is inevitably inflicted upon the unwary souls who have not taken the proper precautions to clog there ears with wax during the holiday season.

The strength work that will accompany us into the new year, should be familiar to most of us. We are bringing back the Zercher squat, some tempo strict press, high volume strict chin up work and single leg focus with the all time favorite movement here at TA, the Bulgarian spit squat. Accessory work, has a big midline stability focus, learning to stay engaged and tight through the midline while performing movements with our extremities. The conditioning will continue, yes I know this could go without saying. But yes, the heavy breathing, undisguised glances of trepidation and muffled swearing will continue. One day a week, we will be switching gears and doing a long aerobic session. It is designed to be gone through at a steady but challenging pace with built in isometric pieces in which you can work on slightly lowering your heart rate through conscious breathing. The format will stay the same, but the movements will vary week to week.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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