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Coaches Corner October

October has come. Apparently our shortest season has already come to an end, and we need to start embracing the coming storm. We have a couple of new exercises that we will be trying out this cycle, and bringing back some oldies but goodies as well. The sumo stance box squat is on the menu, this is the first time doing any variation of box squats at the gym. Our single leg pushing will be accomplished with weighted step ups, helping to stay balanced from side to side. Sumo stance Romanian deadlifts and hamstring pull ins round out the posterior chain specific training. Upper body pushing coming in the form of overhead pressing, upper body pulling going vertical as well. We are keeping our WOD specific day, and would like to reiterate the focus of these sessions, stay present and try to understand how your body responds to different stressors, find an uncomfortable pace that you can MAINTAIN, and settle into the pain cave and breath. We will have a day that is dedicated to practicing quality movements, and exploring new movement patterns. Also since it might decide to just skip anything that resembles a decent fall, and just start snowing at any moment, we decided to help get your legs into ski shape with some leg blasters once a week. Coming at you with a lot of core work in the end of class sessions. Till next time..


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