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Coaches Corner September 2017

During the next four weeks of September, we will be doing some testing. We will do a quick but fun 1 mile test, retest the 3 mile, and then in prep for our shift to indoor aerobic a little Air Assault and rowing number. Also in our overall design for this cycle, we will incorporate one day a week that does not have a strength piece before the conditioning. This day is to focus on short REPEATABLE efforts. We want to see athletes learn to pace, that means looking at the workout with an idea of what movements you are going to struggle with, what movements you can do unbroken, and what is going to cause your heart rate to sky rocket. Now again, all of these things happen at some point to everyone, the key to progress and long term success, is learning how these things effect you. These sessions are designed to challenge you physically and mentally, but also with less reps per movement so you do not get hung up on massive set of one movement. We are looking for sustainability, and for the athlete, that means training with intention and not just going through the motions. Another session that will be repeating is going to be a piece that will require an increase in pace each round. So for instance, the first round may be at 80%, the next at 84% and so on, all the way to the last round which if done correctly should be an all out, 100% effort just to beat the last round’s time. Again, we suppling a template so you can figure out what you are capable of and learn how your body responds to the various stresses over differing time domains. We have new set of strength exercises for a new cycle, more tempo work and switching some of the two limb movements for single and vice a versa. The overhead squat is making a reappearance this month, and this movement can be very challenging for some. I encourage those that are serious about making long term movement pattern improvements, to seek out and learn what you can do at home to continue to improve your range of motion and stability in said range of motion. One day a week at class is not enough time to make new patterns stick.

“Strength is gained in the range it is trained” Charles Paliqiun


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