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Coaches Corner August 2017

The world is a confusing place, it is disruptive and deceitful, it is painful and disappointing. And yet, it can be inspiring and beautiful, amazing and anything you dream can come to fruition. I wonder though if that speaks more to the unimaginable vastness of the universe, or the limited imagination of the individual. Maybe we dream to small and accept too little.

July has come and gone, another blessed tribute to the shortest summer in the world (this is an unresearched fact). With the coming of August comes a shift in exercise selection. Rotating out last blocks movements, and bringing in some new ones. We pull, push, and carry in as many different movement planes as possible, in order to stay balanced, strong and flexy. Range of motion without control of that range is useless, and over time can be a precursor to injury. We have some heavy hingeing with the Romanian deadlift, heavy one arm horizontal pulling with the one arm bent row, and supinated grip vertical pulling with the chin up. Vertical heavy pushing with the push press, unstable horizontal pushing with the ring push up, and heavy single leg pushing, with the most requested movement of all time, the Bulgarian split squat. Endurance day will continue, but every other week will be a hybrid with our Stamina sessions. We will be dedicating one day per week to work Olympic lifting into our strength session, and that day’s WOD will typically be geared toward an emphasis on working some sort of barbell cycling with the lift that was performed in the strength portion of the session. Saving the best for last, the post wod portion of the day is where we try to spend a little bit of time cooling down and working on improving the usable range of motion. These exercises are missed at your peril, and can almost always be performed at home if you need to run out early or class runs a little late.

We are at war with the darkness that is always threatening to overcome, divide, and stop our dreams cold. Children of summer, it is time to step up and conquer the day, challenge yourself to be your best, and except nothing else. You are right now, exactly where you have put yourself. Time is short, and dreams forgotten are of no use to the living. Winter is coming.


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