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Coaches Corner May 2017

May is here! It looks like the snow is beginning to melt in the high country, it is getting noticeably lighter earlier...and it’s almost running season here at Targhee Athletics. We have a mandatory running test coming up this month, and we will be doing a mandatory re-test in September. It will help give us valuable feedback on the validity of all the stamina and endurance work that will be coming your way through the summer months. You're welcome. Don’t be too alarmed, for those of you that just want to yell and grunt, take off your shirts and throw some weights around, we will still encourage you to do so. Just because we are going to help some athletes achieve some new personal fitness aspirations with counting how far they have run with miles instead of meters, does not mean that we are trying to run a granola athlete factory, churning out pint-sized barbie and ken dolls. Don’t be offended, granola is a cereal not a race, and dolls don’t have feelings. We have returned to some good o'fashioned strength basics with the close grip bench press, bent over row and heavy thrusters from the rack. Continuing our search for a balanced approach for functional and pain-free strength, we are using some tempo split squats, wall walks with a pause, and some supinated grip vertical pulling. May is a fantastic time of year, let us see what we can achieve together!


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