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Coaches Corner January 2017

Happy New Year, hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday season!! We here at Targhee Athletics have been gearing up for the new 2017 season. For the month of January, we will be bringing back the rowing technique work, and endurance day! And since we can't morally spend it making everyone run outside in the snow, we will be spending it working on the indoor rower. The CrossFit Open begins in two months, we will be doing one old Open WOD each week. The new strength work includes doing some overhead squats with a pause at the bottom to help build the foundation for a strong overhead position. Working in some single leg work as a primary focus to keep a balanced body, and of course doing some thruster's off the rack just because they are so fun! Post WODs are designed to help improve position strength and increase usable range of motion, prevent injuries and increase strength throughout the midline.

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