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Coaches Corner December 2016

As we enter the holiday season, we here at Targhee Athletics will be doing our best to help keep the holiday cheer high with new weighted exercises like the Death March. The Death March is a fantastic full body exercise with a single leg emphasis, that is a great way to work loading of the posterior chain through a very dynamic range of motion. We are back to seeing some front squats, a little eccentric work on some upper and lower body pulling exercises, and of course balancing out the two leg pressing with some weighted step ups to keep it balanced side to side. Post wods will continue to address imbalances that we see as coaches see throughout our CrossFit community as a whole. A major weakness in a overwhelming majority of people regardless of activity levels are in aducter tightness, and a lack of oblique strength. We will be doing some exercise to directly help address these issues. As far as conditioning is concerned we will continue to program in the usuall fashion on a scale of sucky, more sucky and flat out terrible. And now for the craziness...we will now be publishing the workouts in coaches corner for the whole next cycle for all to see! Can you believe it?! Note: Workouts ARE subject to change. Click here to view programming for December Happy Holidays! See you all in the gym, Coach

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